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Personal Details:

Birthday: 10-24-1984
Location: Montclair, NJ/Swansea, MA
Primary email:


Solo Exhibitions:

“Time Fears”
Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany
April 2010

“Hammer of Power”
Domy Books, Austin, Texas
July 2012


Group Exhibitions:


“Back in 7 Minutes”
Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany
October 2012

“Modern Masters”
Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
May 2012


“Exposition Frédéric Magazine 4”
Galerie Jean-Marc Thévenet, Paris, France
October 2010

“Forcefields: An Art Exhibit in the Fight Against Malaria”
Church in Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA
July, 2011



“Movember’s Fine Line Charity Art Show”
R & R Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
October 2010

“Cheaper Show”
Les Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
Spring 2010


“We Come in Peace”
Synchronicity Space/Silver Lake Jubilee Festival, Los Angeles, CA
May 2010



"Don't Wake Daddy IV"
Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany
December 2009

Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI
July 2009

"Public Address"
107Shaw Gallery, Toronto, Canada
May 2009

"Devil's in the Details"
Giant Robot Gallery, New York, NY
April 2009

"Prepare For Pictopia"
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
March 2009

"Frederic Magazine #3"
Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France
March 2009




"Joyful Bewilderment"
Rough Trade Records, London, UK
October 2008

"Chimera Frontiera"
Junc Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
April 2008

"Oh My Gay!"
Stockholm, Sweden
Feburary 2008

"Dark Age"
Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI
February 2008



"Picture Ping Pong"
Quality Pictures, Portland, OR

"Look Behind You"
Giant Robot NY, New York, NY

ABC No Rio, New York, NY
2007 *charity auction

"Blossom 3"
Galerie Chappe, Paris, France



"Sleepover Psychedelica"
Kapok Gallery, Hong Kong

"Maximum Warriors PDX"
Yes Gallery, Portland, OR

"Space 1026 Annual Art Auction"
Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

"Today is a Beautiful Day"
Nog Gallery, London, UK


Solo Publications:

“Assorted Rubble” 32 pages, color
Published by SSE Project, 2012

Untitled (Matt Lock) 360 pages, color
Published by X1 Editions, 2012

“Back to the Bronze Age” 96 pages, color
Published by Éditions du Livre, 2011

“Time Fears” 16 pages, color offset
Published by Nieves Books, 2010

"Hey I'm Tryin" 20 pages, B/W print on color paper
Published by Nieves Books, 2007

"Crazy Basement" 20 pages, full color
Published by Cederteg Publishing, 2007

"Decapitron05" 40 pages, alcohol/carbon printing
Published by ShoboShobo Books, 2007


Group Publications:

“Rat Hex” 50 pages, B/W
Published by SpaceFace Books, 2012

“Frederic Magazine 4” 288 pages, color
Published by Les Requins Marteaux, 2011

“Mould Map 1” 16 pages, 2 color litho
Published by Landfill Editions, 2010

“Super: bande dessinée et art contemporain” 144 pages, color
Published by Monografik, 2010

"Prepare For Pictopia" 328 pages, full color
Published by Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin, 2009

"Frederic Magazine 3" 220 pages, full color
Published by Arts Factory, 2009

"Kaugummi Magazine #3"180 pages, B/W
Published by Kaugummi Magazine, 2007



Crossover Space Death CD booklet and LP cover
Released 2009, Punch Records

Finally Punk S/T 7" LP cover
Released 2006, Wonk Records